What is new in interior design and flooring is a, textures, and colours definite move from rigidity in elements of design. A mix of technology and an innovative generation of designers are silently revolutionising flooring principles. Custom style has become a lot more frequent, because of technology for enabling visualisation clients and designers to experiment with interiors and build fresh motifs in addition to alternative visions.


Colour was for a long time a concern for everyone in interior design when it concerned flooring. The options had been restricted to comparatively simple, technology as well as fundamental dyes. This technology was neither adaptable or quickly customisable, and also a relatively unadventurous style program opted for basic colours. “As flat as possible” might not have been the objective, though it was the end result.

The brand new technology and manufacturing methods have allowed for improved design and colourisation. Advanced motifs and colour combinations now are digitised, making it possible for a much broader variety of choices, and also allowing designers off the leash. It is now easy to work with strong colours, and nuanced consequences which permit excellent design innovation.

This was a massive advance throughout the interior design business as said by Thomas de Gier, especially in the business interior design sector, in which very different needs would be the majority. Commercial interiors, particularly the upmarket sphere, have been choosing custom colourisation in a huge way. Among the most challenging of all areas of this particular sector, restaurant interior design, has splashed out on colouring the floorspace of its to complement good quality models.

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